How to use a Mandoline Slicer? Clever & Safety Ways With Tips

Have you purchased a new kitchen gadget mandoline slicer? But don’t know how to use a mandoline slicer? This place is right where you are going to know how to use this tool safely.

To increase the presentation skill of your new & new recipes before your family, friends or relatives and achieve ‘WOW,’ kitchen tool mandoline only can help you.

If you have no previous experience, especially about this gadget, you must learn how to operate it effectively.

Hit this post and know more and more tips for operating systems safely and efficiently.

About Mandoline slicer

Before going into deep, you have to know some essential data about mandoline slicer. They will help you use it properly and enhance your creativity to share it with us next time.

What Is A Mandoline Slicer?

When you need a slicer to slice anything in bulk style, a mandoline slicer is the best kitchen gadget. It is mostly used to slice vegetables, fruits, and even cheeses for making salad and French fries with several other types of dishes mandoline slicer best.

In your busy life, you don’t need to confuse to slice any foods at the right angle when your hands touch a mandoline slicer. It just works like magic. You can get varieties of shapes and sizes of vegetables or fruits based on the models that help you make different dishes easily.

History of Mandoline Slicer

The mandoline slicer’s history is very interesting though there have several stories about this small kitchen tool. This small gadget was first seen in the late 18th century that was invented by Doctor Josep Ignace Guillotin. And the mandoline slicer was named after Mandy, who was Guillotin’s ex-girlfriend.

The Design Of A Mandoline Slicer

Best mandoline slicers provide a large amount of mandoline cutting options, and they come with a lot of parts. At the same time, some slicers come with a single big piece, where some come with multiple parts. The purposes of the parts are different and design separately.

  • Main plate & carriage: It is the key part to slice the ingredient.
  • Main cutting blades: Modern model comes with a versatile blade option for a variable slice. The slicer can be changed based on the wanted slices.
  • Folding Stand: The folding stand was attached for safety and effective usage. It helps the mandoline slicer hold on to the table and reduces the chance of moving during slicing.
  • Safety Guard: It is another safety feature of the mandoline slicer that is also called the handguard. It guides your hand and food to move the plate to the blade properly without any risk.
  • Other features: There are several small parts of any mandoline slicer like screws, nuts, hinges, levers, and handles. They can more or less depend on the models.
  • Blades: Some mandoline comes with a single blade, and some include more than one or two blades. The works of them aren’t similar.

Types of Mandoline Slicers

Three types of mandoline slicer are available in the market now. The uses of them are more or less similar but have differences in features and vary in price. Below has given a summary about them:

Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

An adjustable mandoline slicer includes two parallel platforms. One is stationary plus house blade, and another one is manually adjusted to alter the cut’s thickness.

The adjustment you should choose is based on your personal requirements and the ingredients that will go for slicing. This slicer is very versatile and lets you slice a huge variety of ingredients from one inch thick.

Platform Mandoline Slicer

Platform and adjustable mandoline slicer are most similar in different angles. But the key difference between them that platform insert one and don’t let the similar level of versatility when a question comes for the thickness.

The platform mandoline slicer includes different types of cutting plates, and you can get versatile style though have pretty limitation.

Flat Mandoline Slicer

A flat mandoline slicer is very basic than the platform or adjustable slicers. You don’t get a lot of options like other slicers. It is suitable when you need to handle a large number of ingredients at the same thickness. For commercial use, this mandoline slicer is good.

Types Of Mandoline Slicer Cutting

How many types of cutting ways can provide a mandoline slicer? It mainly depends on the mandoline slicer design and structure. The mandoline slicer allows you to slice the food in different categories:


Slice is common and most wanted cut for cooking the zucchini dish.


Crinkle cut needs to cook pasta dish of zucchini that you can get quickly using a mandoline slicer.


Juliene is the most demanded stylish food cut that make easy with a mandoline slicer. Juliene cut will perfect and easy to cut only mandoline slicer.


Matchstick is the most common cut. If you like creativity, this cut will be useful for you.


Waffle cut is more similar to crinkle cut.

How to use a Mandoline Slicer?

We have already presented complete data about mandoline slicer before you. We hope you can understand what a mandoline slicer is? If you haven’t or have a less previous idea about this slicer, the above will useful for you.

Now it’s time to speak out about how to use a mandoline slicer. Yes, proper use makes a little thing more significant than a big thing. And when it is a kitchen gadget, there is nothing to say anymore.

Don’t talk more, and let’s come to the point.

Part-1: Basic Mandoline Use

Step: 1- Set up the mandoline slicer.

Fold-out the slicer’s legs and set them in a strong position so that they won’t slip during slicing the foods. And ensure that the cutting board is clean and clear.

Step: 2- Take the slicer into the perfect position.

Keep the end closer to you so that you can control the slicer when you slice the food properly. Don’t set the slicer parallel to you because it is not safe and will slip during cutting the foods.

Step: 3- Prepare the foods before putting them on the slicer.

When your slicer has set up properly, now you have to prepare your foods to cut. Firstly, clean the foods and cut them in half because the mandoline slicer lets you slice the foods, vegetables, or fruits’ flat surface.

Step: 4- Wet the runway

When you are cutting apples, potatoes, or any other dry foods, sprinkle some drops of water across the cutting surface. It makes sure that the ingredients can slide across it smoothly.

Step: 5- Place the food into the handguard.

Almost all types of mandoline include a handguard shaped like a bell or a cylinder. Place the ingredients into the handguard so that the flat side move on the runway, and then slot the handguard over the slicer.

Without a handguard, there has a risk of making an accident, and only professional slice users can use the slicer without a handguard.

Step: 6- Hold the slicer properly.

When your one hand is busy holding the vegetables or other ingredients to cut, hold the slicer with another hand strongly.

Step: 7- Cut the food effectively.

Now hold the ingredients with the handguard and push the ingredients down the runway. The blades cut the foods into wanted slices. This job won’t finish by one time; you have to repeat it again and again until the ingredients won’t cut completely.

Note: Keep in mind a mandoline slicer blade is horizontal, so don’t do the task at full speed and don’t give more pressure. Plus, you have to notice the ingredients’ condition because the potatoes and tomatoes aren’t the same condition ingredients.

Part-2: Setting of The Mandoline Use

Step: 1- Set the knob.

If the mandoline slicer has a knob, it will easy for you to adjust the slicer. Just rotate the knob to raise or lower the knife and the slicer slice with different thicknesses. Most of the mandoline slicer can slice anything from thin garnish to thick French fries. The knob comes with a thick label normally.

Step: 2- Different Switchblade

Some mandoline slicer models come with different types of the blade instead of an adjustable knob. So, if you want to change the blade for thickness, you can select special cutting like crinkle, waffle, or julienne.

Step: 3- Check additional parts

Check the mandoline slicer comes with any additional features or parts inside the slicer. If you have, follow the instruction manual; how and what is it important?

Part-3: Cleaning & Storing Ways

Step: 1- Return additional Features

If you have used any extra parts during slicing the foods or vegetables, now you also have to return it before cleaning. But the blade of the slicer was adjustable, set it in the low position.

Step: 2- Wipe up

Wipe up the slicer blade slowly with a wet and soapy cloth but be careful to do this job because there has the risk of an accident. When the strains of foods are gone, wash the soap with running water.

Step: 3- Allow air to dry.

After cleaning the slicer, put it for air dry and dries it carefully with a towel. Storing the slicer after drying completely!

Step: 4- Store the slicer

You should remember it again that a mandoline slicer is very dangerous than a single knife. So, you have to store it in a labeled container that will stay away from your family member or your kids’ unskilled person. Or, you can store it in a locked area where no one goes without you.

Step: 5- Deep clean

If you need to use your mandoline slicer regularly, you should clean it deeply. Some mandoline slicers allow dishwashers, but we always refer to hand washing for the slicer.

To Sum Up!

A mandoline slicer is the most significant kitchen gadgets for smart women’s kitchen. Now there won’t any lame excuse not to make new recipes every day because they have a magic box that means mandolin kitchen tool.

Now you also know how to use a mandoline slicer. And now you are superwomen who are going to achieve wow, wow, and wow from your family members every day.

So, have a good day with your new mandoline slicer.

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