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Old stains, Oh! It’s an alarming fact for all of us. It can be removed easily if you know some homemade tricks.

How to get old stains out of clothes, there are nothing challenging jobs. So many simple ingredients with some tricks will make simple and easy.

This post will help you to know a few tips and tricks to remove old stain from your clothes easily at home. You don’t go any laundry for doing it.

So, let’s move and enjoy this post to learn simple tricks.

How to get old stains out of clothes

How to get old stains out of clothes? Yes, it is easy if you know which stains how to get out. Let’s move and see different types of processes for different kinds of stains.

Remove Wine Stains

If you think of getting out old wine stains from your clothes, you can follow a few tips.

1. Cool water and solution

Standard water can’t work well to get out strains. You should take cold water and mix it with an oxygen bleach solution and then soak the whole cloth into it for one hour. If the pressure is significant, keep it for 4-5 hours or overnight. Then wash the fabric and see amazing remove the strain ultimately.

2. Baking soda

Mix 1 teaspoon baking soda with hydrogen peroxide, and for making a thick paste, uses some peanut butter. Spread the mixer on the strain about four inches thick and cover the paste using a plastic wrap. Now keep it for 24 hours; after that, remove the plastic wrap and allow the mixer to dry completely. After cleaning the staining area, you have to be released to remove extra staining.

Remove Ink Stains

Dip A cotton swab on clean rubbing alcohol and smoothly lifting the stain from the outside edge to the center and swap swab so soon to absorb the ink.

Remove Oil & Grease Stains

Stains of oil or grease are so strong and so frustrating, but some simple tricks can remove them quickly. Make a solution using 50% vinegar with 50% cool water and apply it on the stain and treat them again with laundry soap. Don’t dry them until the stain will remove thoroughly and clean the spot quickly.

Remove Pet Urine Stains

If you have a pet at home, urine or odor smell, it is a common factor in your home. You can remove the urine stain. If you wash the cloth using heavy-detergent and dry it in the hottest water, there is more chance to fade out your clothes’ fabric.

So, take a cup of distilled white vinegar and mix it with some water. Put your clothes on this mixer and put it overnight. The next morning washes the cloth using laundry soap for a spot out and dries it properly.

Remove Grass Stains

To remove grass stains, you can use a stain remover or heavy-duty laundry detergent. Stain remover works better to remove grass from your cloth because they contain essential enzymes to remove old stains.

Remove Coffee Stains

Remove coffee stain is simple but know a simple trick to do it. Run little hot water on the stains and make a solution for it. Take 50% vinegar, mix it with 50% cool water, and brush it with laundry soap to remove the vinegar.

Remove Food & Drink Stains

When you are working in your kitchen, there are many chances to get on stains of fruit juice or other drinks on your clothes. It is not an impossible matter, and you can remove it easily at home using some ingredients. Wash the clothes using cool water and apply vinegar with mixing water on the stain. Treat them lastly and adequately wash the clothes correctly.

Wrapping Up!

Thanks for staying with us till now, we hope you have got many ideas on how to get old stains out of clothes. We think this post will be so helpful for you.

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