7 Best Meat Slicer Under $100 | Most Reliable Review & Buying Advice

If you are thinking of investing in meat slicers, this place is right to find out the best meat slicer under $100.

Slicing meat is a necessary task in our kitchen daily but a little challenging, right? 

You can apply a razor-sharp knife to slice meat. But will you be satisfied with that result?

So, what can be the right solution?

Yes, finding out a good meat slicer that will be durable, easy to use, and effective for slicing various foods also.

Check out our meat slicers reviews below and get what you need.

What Is The Best Meat Slicer Under $100?

This section will summarize the top7 best meat slicer under $100, including reviews with every product going along with particular features.

Take a short look at this section and learn which product will perfect for your purposes of use.

  • Best meat slicer under $100: Chefman Electric Meat Slicer

“It is certified with advanced safety technology for long-lasting durability.”

  • Best overall: OSTBA Home Meat Slicer

“High-yield slicing power and faster cutting ability make it effective items.”

  • Best for Home use: Cuisinart Electric Food Slicer

“It is lightweight and portable, and all parts are removable to clean up.”

  • Best to get professional results:  Superdeal Premium Meat Slicer

“It is an economical and space-saving meat slicer.”

  • Best For Low-Budget: NESCO Electric Food Slicer

It is great for die-cast aluminum food press.

  • Best slicer with a soft blade: Elite Gourmet Food Meat Slicer

“It is prepared from top quality die-cast aluminum.”

  • Best for heavy-duty: Gourmia GFS700 Professional Meat Slicer

It is an excellence product seriously that offers safe, effectual, and high-performance.

Benefits To A Meat Slicer

Let’s try to the advantages to using a slicer for meat:

  • Saving time and money slicing overall foods and not going for another slicer.
  • A meat slicer can be used for a variety of other foods like bread, cheese, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Meat slicers made with high-quality materials and got a long lifespan
  • A slicer is very powerful that serves quick, precious, and unique cutting.
  • It is easy to use, and anyone can handle it with artistic ways and trouble-free
  • A meat slicer creates your task of slicing meat and other foods easy and even convenient.

Those benefits will appear when you know how to use a meat slicer.

Best Meat Slicer under $100 Reviews

Now move on to this product review section. We will discuss several types of models here. They are best suited for your home use, and some are great for commercial use.

Take a look on details with reviews below.

1. Chefman Electric Meat Slicer

The first entry on this review! It is the best electric meat slicer under $100 on our catalog.

It is an extremely safe and secure meat slicer to use. Thanks to non-slip feet for griping the slicer in place, plus safeguard so that you can save your finger from any risk.

The recessed power switch makes sure that the blade and the slicer won’t come into procedure accidentally. It is effortless to clean because the removable part helps you to wash all p[arts one by one.

This slicer includes impressive power 180 watts with removable 7.5 inches stainless steel blade. This blade is super sharper to cut meat, beef jerky, sandwiches, bread, and so much more.

It is a pretty bulky slicer, and it can handle a long time of use without giving rest.

What we like:

  • Safe and smart meat slicer
  • 1-year warranty
  • Include adjustable thickness
  • Ideal for slicing fresh meat to vegetable
  • Stable and durable

What don’t we like:

  • It is pretty difficult to sharpen the blade

2. OSTBA Home Meat Slicer

This is our another top pick electric food slicer for home use. It comes with a detachable stainless steel sharp edge, supplier, and food carriage.

If you are seeking for an affordable and multi-purposed meat slicer to cut through your bulk food without stuck in the blade, you should not think without it.   

Different shape and got professional chef’s service at home only with this meat slicer. It is prepared by a familiar brand and comes with long-lasting manufacture.

This meat slicer works well and faster to save your time. The powerful motor of it is 150 watts that slice the meat or other foods in ¾-inch thickness.

Most people like to cut frozen meat at home, and for this, they rely on the OSTBA best meat slicer under $100. It is the best slicer for heavy-duty performance. The blade of this slicer is super sharper and works so faster. 

Overall the quality and features of it are amazing.

What we like:

  • Modern look and stylish design
  • Faster and easy to use, plus clean
  • Safe but more effective meat slicer
  • Time and money saver slicer
  • Provide professional chef service at home

What don’t we like:

  • High-energy consumption

3. Cuisinart Electric Food Slicer

At first look at the specification of this meat slicer, here you can see that the 7.5-inch removable cutting blade is very sharper. Plus, the 130-watt heavy-duty motor is ideal for super faster slicing.

So, what more for which should you choose this slicer?

First, this meat slicer made with a solid design and size (10.88 x 18.25 x 11.13 – inches). It contains unseen food storage for the electric flexible function.

Thanks again for the compact design that makes it portable, and you can place it anywhere where you need it. If you want to pick it outdoor camping, just simply put it in your car with another packing.

All other parts of this meat slicer made from food-grade plastic and also BPA-free. They are removable, and you can clean using your dishwasher if you want.

One more thing, you can use it for multi-purpose uses like for cutting vegetables, bread, deli, beef jerky, and so much more.

What we like:

  • Professional quality slicer
  • Removable and dishwasher safer parts
  • Widest adjustable range
  • Great for a wider range of foods cut
  • Durable, portable, and reliable

 What don’t we like:

  • You don’t have to extend the warranty

4. Superdeal Premium Meat Slicer 

Superdeal brings a fantastic best meat slicer under $100 for home use.

What have we liked of this meat slicer?

It features a 7.5-inches stainless steel blade with 150-watt motor power. You can choose it for multi-purpose use and slicing any foods faster like carved roasts, vegetables, beef jerky, cheese, and bread with paper-thin.

The adjustable knob is suitable parts for slicing any food items from apple to beef. The compact and removable design helps to provide effective results all the time. The carriage system includes slide rod extensions which will be sanitized and eliminate effortlessly.

Consequently, this slicer is not great for a commercial or large amount of duties usage but serves as a professional chef at home easily. So, making slicing any foods with great perfections provides monetary savings and helps maintain a healthy diet.

Finally, you don’t need to worry if the machine meets any issue in the future because it offers a one-year warranty with free services.

What we like:

  • Budget-friendly and track design
  • Highly versatile with full satisfaction
  • Great Adjustable thickness
  • Sharp stainless steel blades
  • No require lubricant

What don’t we like:

  • Not suitable for professional use

5. NESCO Electric Food Slicer

If you are satisfied with 8.7-inches serrated blade, you can try this NESCO meat slicer review.

This slicer was designed as a food slicer but works for all types of food like beef jerky to apple and even bread to cheese. Thanks to all parts and features of it that provide professional level service at home.

With an 8.7-inch adjustable depth range, this electric meat slicer offers a great worth of money. A quickly removable food carriage lets you release faster and quickly remove for proper cleaning.

With a stainless steel blade and reasonable price tag, this electric meat slicer is reversed by optimistic customer feedback. Most buyers love to keep it in their kitchen to slice a huge amount of meat.

Always buyer purchase and used meat slicers for home and they replied it is very useful for them.  

What we like:

  • The blade is retractable, durable, and removable
  • Clear-cut thickness adjuster
  • Rubber feet for steadiness
  • Able to handle a huge range of foods
  • Make sure safe use

What don’t we like:

  • Not good for commercial use

6. Elite Gourmet Food Meat Slicer

Have you to think about your budget with a high-quality feature included a meat slicer? Consider this food slicer by Elite Gourmet as the best electric meat slicer.

Elite Gourmet electric food meat slicer is the best option for any restaurant, shop, commercial use, and even for your home. Its sturdy, compact design and construction make this meat slicer durable and long-lasting.

The premium 7.5-inches removable stainless steel blade allows you to cut ideal frozen cuts with great thickness. So, don’t go for other options to cut the toughest frozen or cooked meat foods, cheese faster up to ½-inch thickness.

What is the highlighted feature of this slicer?

Well! It is a powerful motor. This meat slicer includes the most powerful motor with 180-watts, which is more powerful than some other models. It can provide outstanding power for steady and effectual slicing.  

What we like:

  • Incomparable versatility
  • Adjustable thickness what you need
  • Sturdy, stable, and safe
  • Rustproof, retractable, and ultra-sharp blade
  • Safe and quiet operation

What don’t we like:

  • Perfect for providing professional service but not ideal for commercial use.

7. Gourmia GFS700 Professional Meat Slicer

If you intend to make professional-quality platters and can’t rely on your regular knife to complete this properly, try this professional meat slicer by Gourmia GFS700.

What is the astonishing feature of this meat slicer?

The top-quality feature of this electric meat slicer for home is the versatility. It comes with a high range of different inches or blades made from stainless steel.

This blade offers you to cut an extensive range of foods like meats, firm cheeses, vegetables, beef jerky, and fruits. You also want to appreciate the perfect precision with the wide range and ¾-inch thick.

Another feature of it is included non-slip rubber feet with a range guard to assemble the blade. It is more useful, safe, and expedient while you will go used. 

Lastly, if you want to run with deli food or cook meat frequently, it is a fantastic option to consider.

What we like:

  • Automatic operation mode
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Design to handle heavy-duty
  • High-quality electric slicer
  • Lightweight and portable

What don’t we like:

  • Take a lot of time to clean

Features to Consider While Choosing The Best Meat Slicer Under 100

If you are seeking the best home meat slicer under 100 or the best electric meat slicer under $100, you should pay attention to some features. They will assist you in gathering much better information and make a final decision successfully.


Most of the meat slicers are pretty large and need much more counter space. For this reason, we suggest checking the perfect measurement of the space that you have and where you will set up your new slicer.

Purposes of Use

What have you planned to use your new meat slicer, or what your intention? Ensure what you have in your mind and what exactly do you want to do with your meat slicer without slicing meat. Pay attention to the slicer that comes with vital purposes. 

Motor Power

When you are in the market for buying the best electric meat grinder under $100, you must check the motor power. You have to choose less than 130 watts for light use intention but can’t use it regularly.

The high motor power will allow you to use tougher ingredients to slice faster and more effectively. They can be used for a long lifespan without overheating.

But how can you understand the motor power properly?

Based on the motor types like belt-driven or gear-driven, you can understand the difference the power. For example, the gear-driven has much more powerful and capable of cutting foods faster. Plus belt-driven motor is perfect for cutting meats without damaging or spoiling meats and without making any noise. 

Note: The average meat slicer can make a 60-70 DB noise and make it louder and longer when the slicer is running. 

Electric Slicer Vs. Manual Slicer

Mostly common meat slicers in the current market are electric slicers. They are reasonably priced and easy to maintain nowadays. Depend on the motor the slicer moves with the food carriage for you.

The manual food slicers aren’t operated by a motor and need to use manually by pushing the carriage to slice. A manual meat slicer is slower than an electric meat slicer. Many people love manual meat slicers, and they comment that manual slicing meat comes out with the best texture and flavor than a faster meat slicer.

Controller Knob

It is an important feature that you will see on your meat slicer, which will have a numeric thickness included to help you to set your needed thickness. Normally, the lower number, the thinner the cut.

Note: Most of the meat slicer’s knob is located at the blade’s closing, where a low number indicated thinner and larger numbers for thicker pieces.

Blade Material and Size

High-quality steel is the best material for the blade for meat slicers. The blades are positioned with a bolt in the machine’s foot and eradicate from the unit for easy clean-up.

The blade range starts from 7-inches up to 14-inches in premium units. So, always keep in mind that you have to go for the longer blade edge if you have planned to cut larger items.  


It is a significant feature to consider and a serious factor to think about before purchasing a meat slicer. What are the safety features?

Well, recessed power button, handguard, blade lock functionality, dual safety switches, rubberized feet, and suction cups are the main features that will save you from any risk during slicing.  

Meat Slicer Maintenance & Tips for Use

No matter if you have sued your meat slicer regularly or irregularly, you should make sure the proper maintenance and take care of it.

  • At the starting point, when the blade will dull, it is better to get sharpened the blade professionally. Or you can sue the bets sharpening stone to do this yourself smoothly.
  • The second point is the proper maintenance of the motor. Ensure the motor is running smoothly. A few meat slicers need a lubricant.
  • You can get the best lubricant online easily. You need to get food-grade lubricant that will work well for the meat slicer.
  • The last and third point is to make sure proper cleanliness. On this point, it depends that your slicer will remain last longer with better service or not.

Best Tips For Use

  1. Before starting your tasks with your new machine, go through the whole manual that is included with the device. And follow it perfectly to use and other tasks.
  2. Wear protective hand gloves during using the slicer machine and cleaning it.
  3. Without placing a blade guard, you should not use the slicer.
  4. For slicing, foods or meats prefer cold and slightly frozen foods.
  5. During slicing, guide food carriage without pushing or forcing.
  6. Unplug the electric meat slicer after using.
  7. After using clean the slicer appropriately.
  8. Then dry it and store the right place for the next time.

Cleaning Process of a Meat Slicer

Cleaning a meat slicer is some tricks task. When you pick a meat slicer for the first time, you should know how to clean it properly. Depends on it, the machine will be long-lasting and provide better service.

Before cleaning, some different safety points you have to keep in mind.

  • Wear cut-resistant hand gloves when you are going to handling the blade to save your hand
  • Don’t go to use abrasive materials steel wool to clean the meat slicer, avoiding scratching.
  • Always check the product manual and see which parts need to be submerged in water and place in the dishwasher prior to cleaning.

Some Key Points To Clean Slicer

  • Place the cut knob to zero
  • Unplug the machine
  • Place a mild scrubbing pad on the cleaning wind
  • Use the pad to wipe every side of the blade to remove large food particles.
  • Take away and wash the food chute, center place, and also blade deflector properly.
  • If the machine lets you remove the blade, first remove it and clean it
  • Use warm water with mild soap to clean the blade
  • If water gathers in some portions of the slicer, use a lint-free towel to dry.
  • Lastly, dry all parts in air and then storage.

Our Recommendation

Without concerning the exact preference, it is difficult to judge what is the best meat slicer under $100 for home use?

However, our expert teams recommend Chefman Electric Meat Slicer as the best electric meat slicer under $100 from our suggested list.


Top-touch performance with durability and portability makes it a winner over other products on this list.

High-quality features with 100% customer satisfaction, this slicer are making a good position in the market.

Now you can create a confirming decision after comparing this slicer with other models in our list, even in the market.

However, always try to make sure your decision will perfect when you get full satisfaction and rely on the particular product. 

Wrap It Up!

Have you selected the best meat slicer under $100 yet?

Hopefully, this buying post has provided you great advantages. Having the slicers make your cook tasks easier and handier.

We think our electric meat slicer reviews are useful for you.

Thanks for reading!

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