8-Best Meat Slicer For Making Jerky With Top Picks Reviews

There are a lot of ways to make jerky, so why do you need a meat slicer.

Yes! If you want to get easy, faster, and professional performance, you need to go for a good meat slicer. Only the best meat slicer for making jerky knows what you need.

For camping or small family or friends get together, a delicious jerky always a mouth-watery idea to enhance the party’s enjoyment.   

The best meat slicer for beef jerky is one of the essential kitchen tools. For cutting slices of any beef or meat, even slicing hard cheese, fruits, vegetables, and much more in less time, this tool is ideal. 

And this is the best place to learn about the best meat slicer for making jerky in detail.

It is the best post to pick and use the beef jerky cutter or slicer though you are a beginner cook or haven’t experienced it.

Let’s get start!

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Short Brief: Meat Slicer For Jerky

Before showing our top picks of the best meat slicer for making jerky, we think you have to know about the meat slicer for jerky.

This short description will help you make a better decision and purchase the best meat slicer effortlessly. 

Brief History

10-years ago, the Berkel family launched the first meat slicer factory in the world. People sought the mast needed tools with high precision to work better for slicing Parma ham and salam during that time. And very soon, the stunning flywheel meat slicer automated this method and offered effective results. This tool’s popularity helps the Berkel family reach a new higher of success, and they opened their 2nd factory in Chicago, USA.

What Are the Meat Slicers for Jerky?

A meat slicer for jerky is an important kitchen tool that operates on electric or manual power. It is very helpful equipment of every kitchen to use for slicing beef or meat for making jerky. It allows you to use for other foods what you need to slice as a prep-cook. But the aim of the meat slicer for jerky is to use for slicing or cutting thin or neat meat slices. 

Types of meat slicer for jerky

Two types of meat slicers for jerky are available now in the market. They are:

1. Manual Slicer

This type of meat slicer for jerky is more popular for many reasons. This machine doesn’t include a motor to run the blade at full speed. So, here you need to provide extra time and effort to get ultra-thin meat slices for jerky and other food items.

But, you can control it completely and get a better result after good handling. You also can buy this type of meat slicer under your wallet. And it will be the best choice for small families.

2. Electric Slicer

The electric meat slicer for jerky is the most popular and powerful category machine as it is an electric machine and comes with modern technology. This is perfect for home or commercial kitchen usages. It takes a short time and less effort to slice beef or meat, fruits, vegetables, and other food items.

Benefits Of Meat Slicer For Jerky

A lot of advantages have a meat slicer for jerky. You can use this meat slicer for many jobs, for example:

  • Uniform Pieces

Every piece of meat will great in size and perfect thickness, suitable for making flawless slices and making sandwiches.

  • Extreme thin pieces

The meat slicer for jerky comes with an adjustable dial that allows you to fix the suitable thickness. It lets you prepare thick or thin slices effortlessly.

  • Decrease the workload

Cutting and slicing any fruits, vegetables, beef, or meats isn’t an easy task to do all the time continuously. But the meat slicer only helps you to decrease your workload by taking the stain.

  • Save Time

The electric meat slicer’s powerful motor can make high rotating forces and energy for revolving the slicer’s blade with high speed. This feature saves your cooking time and needs less effort.

Reviews Of Top 8- Best Meat Slicer For Making Jerky

Anything in organized makes a straight follow the way on which seeking into is that you need to do. It’s the correct place for following this type of path. The way provides you more info about the best meat slicer for beef jerky but most worthy reviews.

Here we have divided our top picks into two parts based on types of meat slicer. 

Let’s roll to the finishing point step by step. 

The Best 4 Manual Meat Slicer For Jerky

If you have fixed your mind to pick a manual meat slicer for jerky, you can take a short time to check the best manual meat slicer below.

1. Weston Manual Jerky Slicer

What are you thinking about the most when it’s about meat slicer for jerky? We want to get a simple and functional product with a sharp blade, comfortable and reliable. There has some reason for making this manual meat slicer the top-rated slicer.

What? Well, let’s see!

This manual jerky meat slicer deserves top features like a heavy-duty cast-iron aluminum body and 32-inches stainless steel sharp blade. Without those features, there have many many significant features that make this slicer top-quality.

With other features, the well-design handle makes the most comfortable cutting or slicing. It is lightweight and more convenient though a little expensive than other slicers in the market. You won’t face any issue to clean or disassemble this jerky meat slicer as it includes two-piece housing ways.


  • It comes with well-structured and constructions
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • It has tongs with C-clamps
  • Convenient to use


  • There has no way to change the blades
  • The gears of it are plastic

2. Weston Manual Meat Tenderizer

If you are thinking of finding innovative, simple, and high-end food slicers, this Weston manual heavy-duty meat slicer is right for you. Though this slicer machine is mentioned as the meat cuber and tenderizer, you can convert it into a jerky slicer. 

It is the best meat slicer for making jerky or getting smooth plus tenderizing meat soup. This meat cuber and tenderizer machine is suitable for commercial and household usages.

This machine includes a cast aluminum body, food-safe coating, and 30 all usable blades, stainless steel. The materials make it efficient enough which soften the meat chunk making meat slicing or mincing any food with this manually operated meat slicer.


  • Super solid meat slicer that perfect for any modern kitchen setting
  • Food coating hence no problem with chemical contact with any food
  • It includes a super steady mounting slicer
  • It contains fantastic tenderizing power
  • Easy to clean and use


  • It is pretty expensive
  • Not perfect for slicing all types of foods

3. Nomal Commercial Meat Cuber & Jerky Slicer

Nomal tenderizer cuber & jerky manual meat slicer is a commercial quality slicer machine. It is also another best-rated slicer machine that comes with safe and secure features and offers a wonder jerky slicer without any risk.

Apart from gracefully jerky meat, slicing can be used for slicing or cutting any cheese, bread, vegetables, or fruits to cook or serve on delicious dishes at home.

It comes with a changeable knob that will be used to change the perfect thickness of meat slices. Choose the accurate thickness plus slice away.  With adjustable blade parts, you don’t need to worry about the hygiene issue of this model.


  • It has two different blades assemble system
  • It is a lightweight die-cast aluminum unit that comes with 16-pairs of blades.
  • Ideal for side steak, boneless steak, chicken breast, and much more items.
  • Meat maintain form and sharp cutting
  • Deliver effective slicer for jerky


  • Expensive
  • Make pretty issue for adjustable thickness

4. BAOSHISHAN Manual Frozen Meat Slicer

If you are searching for such types of jerky meat slicers that will perfect to use in your home kitchen without any trouble, you should try this manual meat slicer by BAOSHISHAN. It will be a good helper in your home kitchen.

What more?

This frozen meat slicer was constructed with high-quality stainless steel and contained an ergonomic handle. The handle is ideal for slicing frozen meat or lamb easily and quickly. You can easily make a hot pot, sandwich, pizza, or any delicious food items in your kitchen simply.

You can compare this manual slicer with an electric one, but it will good for slicing frozen beef or vegetables effectively. Vibration or any type of noise won’t make from here, which is a great point for you. The sharper and more durable blade will provide you a long time service.  


  • Effective and longer service
  • Food grades parts include and safe to operate
  • One year warranty
  • Great suction power and serve ideal thickness
  • Include double bearing


  • It can’t cut meat bones
  • It can’t contain large meat pieces at a time.

Best 4 Electric Meat Slicer For Jerky

After taking a short look at the manual slicer, you need to think about an electric slicer. This consideration will help you compare both types of meat slicers, making it easy to fix a final decision.

5. Chefman Electric Deli, Meat & Food Slicer

If you want to find out professional jerky meat slicer at home, you can rely on this electric meat slicer. This slicer is not only let you slice any meat for making jerky at home without any trouble.

Use this best home meat slicer for jerky in your kitchen for slicing deli-style turkey, beef, dried meat, cheese, vegetable, and even bread. It is equipped with an adjustable thickness dial for slicing meat that you need.

It saves your time and gives efficiency and a perfect slicer for any cooking prep or crafting meals. So, enjoy any homemade beef jerky, deli sandwich, sliced fruit, party platters, and much more.


  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy cleanup and operate
  • Safe but smart to use
  • Sturdy non-slip feet


  • Make a little bit of noise during operating
  • Some reviews comment that it is pretty hard to operate.

6. Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Slicer

Professional meat slice service at home only can provide the best electric meat slicer for the beef jerky machine. But for this, you need a reliable and high-quality plus top manufacturer slicer. The kitchen pro slicer by Cuisinart pro meat and food slicer is one of the trustworthy machines.

The aluminum body of this electric meat slicer for jerky cuts and slices the meats effortlessly but conveniently. If you need to slice any type of food, you can adjust the slicer 1/32-inches to ½-inch.

Moreover, it is pretty simple to operate and cleanup due to its removable parts such as blade plus stainless steel carriage. The feet of this slicer are non-skid for its powerful and safe operating system.


  • It is portable best meat slicer for jerky
  • Three-years limited warranty
  • Quickly slice thin like paper size any foods
  • The adjustable thickness level of the meat jerky slices with the knobs easy all tasks.
  • Removable parts are easy to clean and store


  • You have to give extra care for long time use
  • The adjustable knob can move during slicing meat.

7. Chef’sChoice Electric Meat Slicer

For getting a sleek and solid design with an aluminum body that can fight against rust or stain, this electric meat slicer will be reliable and trustworthy. It includes a 7-inches blade that can run faster and smoother.

A large-sized food carriage can hold the sliced or shredded food and help you get a faster and effective meat slicer. Food pushers, food deflector, and other parts are removable, and you can clean them smoothly and safely.

All the parts of this meat slicer come from high-quality stainless steel. The most powerful motor lets you run it with cool and reliable smooth gear allows operating for slicing with less effort. 


  • Safety lock secures the food carriage
  • It includes an adjustable thickness dial
  • It contains a tilted food carriage
  • It added safety features
  • Durable design


  • Slow blade
  • Include a fuse that may be needed to replace it.

8. Weston Meat and Food Slicer

Enjoy thin, thick, and chewy jerky slicing meats or beef slices with the Weston meat and food slicer. You can use this slicer to slice salami, steaks, and turkey meat to make jerky conveniently in your home kitchen.

If you want to get deli thin or thick ½-inche ham slices, this heavy-duty meat slicer will perform better. It is a long-lasting kitchen tool that can be considered the best slicer option for getting meat jerky easily.


  • Heavy-duty meat slicer with right dimensions
  • Perfect for home or small kitchen
  • Removable blade plus tilt out a food tray
  • Powerful belt motivated motor
  • Sturdy base with suction cup


  • Some customers said for the limitation for thickness
  • It can’t operate for more than 15-minutes at a stretch.

Buying Guide: Choosing The Best Meat Slicer for Making Jerky

Before deciding on the best meat slicer for making jerky, consider a few factors become you a smart buyer.

1. Types of Meat slicer for jerky

Two types of slicers are available in the current market that we have already discussed above. Before thinking about other key points, you must decide which type of much do you want to purchase.

If you fixed your mind on any one of them, now you should go ahead and check other points.

2. Motor Power

If you decide on an electric meat slicer for jerky, you have to check the engine’s motor power at first. You need to choose a high-power slicer that will make high speed, adding slicing efficiency.

In this case, 120 watts or higher motor power will be useful for better meal slicing. For commercial use, you need to emphasize 300-420 watts.

3. Manufacture and Design

The products’ body makes it more durable to maintain the harmony of the taking working pressure plus having a good quality of itself. The aluminum cast body ideal to remove dust and stain. Plus, it secures the durability of the machine if you follow the maintenance.  

The design and pattern give a fantastic look to the slicer. Different jerky meat slicers come in different colors and designs, which will give you a chance to pick the right color based on your home decoration.

4. Blade Edge

Better blade edge, better slicing. So, it is a significant portion of any type of meat slicer. Two types of blades see in the slicer machine. One is an indented blade that is used for tough meat or bread slicing. Another one is a smooth-edged knife which is ideal for vegetable or lean meat.

5. Single or Double Blade

Some jerky meat slicers include a single blade, where some come with dual if there is to tenderize the beef or meat. Most high-figure meat slicers for jerky include a tenderize attachment that is done by the grinder machine. It is set with the product, and you need to buy it.

6. Blade Size

The blade size of the slicer machine is also an important fact. Normally a meat slicer comes with 7-inches, 9-inches, and 14-inches sized. Check all the sizes and choose the ideal one which you need.  

7. Food Tray

One more vital part to consider when purchasing a jerky meat slicer is the food tray. You will see the food tray from 7.5-inches to 12-inches in diameter comes with the meat slicer for making jerky.

8. The thickness of the slices

Every dish needs a particular thickness when slicing the meat or beef, even for making jerky. You will get the thickness up to 1-inch, or also you can make more thin paper slices. Some meat slicer for jerky offers thicker pieces. So, check and pick what you need.

9. Versatility

A few types of jerky meat slicers have in the market, perfect for slicing the meat and slicing the cheese or vegetables. This type of machine is cheaper and ideal for commercial usage.

10. Safety Features

The best meat slicer for making jerky is tremendously hazardous equipment. So, you should handle the machine with full caution. And for this, you have to make sure that the guard of the knife is sturdy and safe before going to use.  

However, there has to be a safe and secure switch device that would be ideal for preventing the tool from starting accidentally. You can pick a pair of cut-resistant gloves for taking more protection. 

How to Use a Jerky Meat Slicer Stap By Stap

Below have shown few significant tips to use the best meat slicer for making jerky:

  • Step-1:

First, you have to prepare yourself for good safety and better result. So, wear cut-resistant hand gloves before using the blade of the slicer.

  • Step-2:

Now prepare your meat following the instruction that has with the instruction of the product.

  • Step-3:

The meats have to be trimmed out of any bones or fat and tendon.

  • Step-4:

Sliced meat should not must longer than the chute measurement.

  • Step-5:

It will better if the beef harder or frozen than warm. So, it won’t get jammed when you go to slice. At this point, you have to place the best jerky slicer inside the combat in the right place.  

  • Step-6:

Use the tongs to remain the meat in the feeding box. Don’t do it with the bare hands. Rotating the handles directs you to what you have wanted to find.

  • Step-7:

The meat has to be placed more than the food cart, plus you need to catch it with the assist of fix arm.  

  • Step-8:

Before starting the slicing process, switch-on on the electric meat slicer for making jerky. Change the dial based on the thickness of the meat slicer that you need. On the first try, you should not like the thickness; you may stop the way and modify it. 

  • Step-9:

Now place the food carriage in a perfect situation and glide carefully with to and fro motion. Then see the pieces drop on top of the food tray. 

  • Step-10:

Before taking off the uncut meat, you must remember to turn off the slicer power supply.

  • Step-11:

To make the beef jerky meat slicer prepare for next use, you should fix it dial again to ‘0’ and allow the meat slicer for jerky downwards. 

To know more, you can hit the post ‘how to use a meat slicer’ perfectly.

How To Clean The Jerky Slicer

There have simple steps to cleaning and maintaining the meat slicer for making jerky. Go on step by step:

  • If you have used electric meat slicer, you should disconnect the motor from the power source as the first step. And fix the knife thickness to zero.
  • If you used a manual or electric one, disassemble the slicer for cleaning. Or take off all types of removable accessories from the slicer.
  • Now remove the cover blade cautiously because this blade is very sharp and can reason the accident.
  • Fill up the washing sink with sufficient warm water with dishwashing liquid.
  • Rinse every part carefully and take special care of the parts that have direct contact with the foods to cut or slice.
  • Don’t forget to clean the blade’s sides properly.
  • Let the parts dry into normal air without using any machine.
  • Apply cooking oil over the blade, which lubricates the blade for the ideal operation for next time use.
  • At last store the slicer machine with all accessories for next time use in the perfect place so that child won’t get it anyway during your absence.

Hints To Keep Safe Your Jerky Slicer

  • Before on the starting switch, ensure the slicer is completely assembled. In rare cases, they don’t place at the right spot. Check again and again that the gears are all associated.
  • Use tongs when feeding meat in the chute box.
  • Notice the inserting comb in the right place. Otherwise, the meat can be jammed in combs.
  • For an electric meat slicer, using a long time can lessen the performance, so will be the efficiency.
  • Sliced meat for jerky should not be larger than the chute.

Hints To Cut Jerky With A Meat Slicer

Have you practiced cutting jerky with the meat slicer before? Not yet? So, you have to know the procedure properly before starting your journey with the meat slicer. Below are some steps that will help you know how to use the best meat slicer to make jerky.

  • The meat has to be cut over the grain all the time.
  • You need to start slicing one by one end along with the grain.
  • Take a grip of the opposed tops of the meat piece and tweak it away from one another.
  • The sirloin bottom-most around and tip plus top areas are ideal for making any amazing jerky. You have to slice the meat pieces with the slicer for jerky. 
  • Put the beef over the platform and change the food pusher. Make sure that the meat is held securely.
  • Fix the preferred thickness of meat slices and cut or slice with less effort using the best meat slicer for beef jerky.

FAQ’s: Meat Slicer For Jerky

Meat slicer has been around a few times, but people are yet to completely get the process they work plus what they can do. Thus, a few people have been querying their performance and abilities.

Here are the Top 5-faq by the best meat slicer for making jerky owners or users.

Q: Can you use a meat slicer for jerky for cutting other food items?

Ans: Of course, you can get a chance to use the meat slicer for making jerky to cut other food items like vegetables, cheese, and fruits. But before using for other food items, read out the product guidelines and confirm which foods are allowed to cut.

Q: Can you cut the bones using the meat slicer?

Ans: All types of meat slicers are not right to cut bones. Some meat slicers let you cut bones, but they will soft bones. But remember, before cutting bones, you must read the product instruction properly.

Q: Does a meat slicer allow frozen meat for slicing?

Ans: A meat slicer always allows harder or frozen meat to cut or slice perfectly. But some units have restrictions on how to cut frozen meat or which conditions of meats are allowed to slice or cut. So we also suggest checking the guideline before using the meat slicer.

Q: Is it hazardous or not to use a meat slicer for making jerky at home?

Ans:  Most of the meat slicers include a sharper blade that looks intimidating and a safety feature. Thus you should read the full instruction before starting to use the slicer machine. In this situation, you should pick a beginner-friendly meat slicer when you decide to use it at home.

Q:  Does a meat slicer let you slice cheese?

Ans: There are various types of designs in meat slicers in the market, and they come with different features and functions. Some of them let you slice only meat, and some of them allow you to any food items, even cheese with beef jerky.

Final Thinking!

In this modern era, when most of us are busy with our hectic schedules, any time-saving ingredients or tools can be more beneficial.  The best meat slicer for making jerky can help us slice any meat perfectly, saving your time with less effort.

This review post discussed the top best meat slicers for making jerky, which work effectively for slicing any type of meat. All of them are budget-friendly and hygienic than other brand’s slicers in the market.

Hopefully, you can find this post useful to make the final decision for purchasing the best meat slicer for beef jerky very soon.

So, why are you waiting?

Get a meat slicer and enjoy the adventurous meat slicing.

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